According to your zodiac sign, this makes you afraid to love.

Many reasons steer clear of love. Emotions may make or break. Deep mental and spiritual gaps prevent us from finding love and appropriate companions.

To wait for real love is scary. The “what if?” of a partnership is futile. Your love impatience makes waiting for your darling painful.


You oppose compromise. As everyone knows, relationships need compromise. Neglecting your partner creates a poisonous connection. 


Since there's always someone better, you hurt your relationship. You break up instantly when things get serious since you never like your partner. 


After rejections and self-reflection, you can't accept your flaws. In a relationship, you criticize yourself instead of loving yourself.


Your high expectations may prevent you from finding real love since you want the perfect person and relationship. 


Your sweetheart withdraws when you criticize them often. You refuse to comply even though you realize nobody is perfect. 



Being hurt again makes you want to quit a relationship you love. Seeing anything terrible about someone dear makes you ready to let go.


Fear of love stems from extreme trust issues. If your lover keeps lying, you'll end the relationship instantly.


Too much anticipation might destroy your marriage if your spouse doesn't meet it. Toxic connections make you avoid others.


Work makes you hesitant to put yourself out there. You're curious yet afraid to attempt new things, especially partnerships.

You hate being exposed, and love reveals your most sensitive feelings. You avoid love because you can't express yourself.



You struggle to understand that your romantic love doesn't exist. Love involves battles, concessions, and tears. 

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