8 Surprising Back Pain Causes from Belly Fat

Is zipping jeans hard today? Due to COVID-19, belly club grows. A 2021 global Ipsos study found 37% of Americans gained weight since it began.

Belly Fat Affects Posture

Normal spine bends help your core. These curves are misaligned by extra weight, especially a big belly, causing back pain.

“Front-loading” Is Not Enough

Big bellies can cause back discomfort for more than simply body mechanics. Breast implants are another front-loading method that proves this.

Discs Can Be Overloaded by Weight

Body fat impairs posture and spine shock absorbers. Annular tears, herniation, and impingement result from nerve and disc compression. 

Fat Releases Harmful Chemicals

Spare tires aren't tissue. Painful inflammation from fat chemicals. Over time, these substances damage skeletons.

Belly Fat Damages Bones

Body obesity slows bone renewal, which can contribute to osteoporosis. Visceral fat—fat deep into the abdomen—may be important.

And “Pinchable” Fat Is a Problem

Doctors warn against visceral belly fat. Heart disease and problems set in. Subcutaneous outer abdominal fat (OAF) might impact your back.

Belly Fat Complicates Ankylosing Spondylitis Treatment

AS causes chronic back pain. Over time, inflammation can fuse vertebrae. A stiff back or hunch may remain.

Obesity Causes Rare Spinal Condition

Many are obese, but belly fat isn't. Obesity increases the risk of spinal epidural lipomatosis, an uncommon spinal canal fat deposit. 

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