7 one-day belly fat-burning techniques

Burn belly fat

Unexpected dream event invitations require a day to prepare. After receiving it a month or three months ago, you delay and have one day to lose weight. 

Ditch white sugar

Naturally, refined sugar causes the most weight gain. Sugar-free is half the battle won. Simple carbohydrates include glucose and fructose in sugar. 

Give your body protein.

Protein is a macronutrient that fights stubborn abdominal fat. Protein keeps you full longer and prevents overeating.

Drink tea

Catechins, a form of natural phenol and antioxidant, speed your metabolism and burn fat faster, especially if you exercise frequently.

Eat fiber-rich foods

Fiber-rich foods burn belly fat. Fiber-rich diets retain fullness. Fiber reduces meal fat absorption by binding to bile acids. 

Move you body

One of the leading causes of belly fat is our lifestyle. Our sitting jobs and sedentary lifestyle have become a major risk factor for diseases and gaining extra body weight.

Avoid alcohol

Has beer belly been mentioned? Alcohol causes abdominal obesity, thus its name. So, skip alcohol today to appear fit tonight or tomorrow. 

Drink plenty of hot water

Reducing fat in certain regions is impossible. Crunches and sit-ups may not burn belly fat better than other activities.

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