5 zodiac signs that hide emotions

Not everyone feels. It takes time to trust and open up. Injury and introversion make it hard to express feelings, especially to loved ones. 

Our personalities may be best determined by astrology using the twelve zodiac signs. Check below to see if your zodiac sign hides its feelings.

They don't want to bother other people with their troubles, worries, or emotions. They appear unconcerned, yet they actually do quite a bit.


When they are within touching distance of a human, they become extremely animated. It doesn't matter how clear their desires are; they'd rather retain their distance.

Because Geminis are renowned to be talkative and friendly, this may be an intriguing development. 


To avoid seeming weak or fragile, people may say many things yet keep their lives private. They also contain their anger if offended or irritated.

Capricorns are notoriously hard to read, and they have a hard time expressing their feelings for fear of coming seen as weak. 


They can't afford vulnerability, therefore they refuse to display emotion. If a person wins their trust, this indication may open up.


They only trust someone entirely to be close. Aquarians are vibrant and sincere, but don't expect them to talk about their feelings.

because they simply won't do it. They are resistant to opening up, and no amount of persuasion will change that.


They will take anything life throws at them in stride, whether it be success or failure, and they will easily forget the past. 

They avoid processing their hurt and bury it in their hearts. Getting a Virgo to open up is nearly hard.

Stay tuned for developments.